All New M75i

A new class in expandable containers

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Over the past 20 years Morehouse has developed hundreds of expandable container-base solutions to fulfill customer demands from the jungles and deserts to Antarctica.
Our deployable container-base solutions provide security, flexibility and reliability in action, to our customers in the defense forces, fire and rescue services, and private companies.
We supply solutions to all situations which require rapid changes, immediate deployment and undelayed implementation.
In our supply chain project know-how stands out, assuring this way, high quality and cost-effectiveness. We also look after the lifelong maintenance of our products.

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  • Solutions for Defence Forces

    Morehouse expandable container-base solutions for military use are mobile, effective and equipped according to customer needs.

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  • Services

    Regular maintenance of the containers ensures that the product has a long working life and reliable operation in demanding conditions.

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  • Contact us

    Interested? Here you can find our contact information.

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