The fastest expandable container-base solutions in the market


The container comes equipped with integrated generator, battery pack, air conditioner, fuel-powered heater, interior lighting systems, plug-and-play communication systems platform, access control and functional office equipment.

COMM7 features our proprietary MORE7 workstations which integrate well with command center and communications hub environment. The command center can also be equipped with Navielektros TACIS command system and onCommand.

COMM7 base is a M75i2 solution.

COMM7 / TACIS / onCommand


3:1 CSC-inspected expandable container with a hydraulic opening system and automatic leveling system.

M75i2 has a fully electro-hydraulic opening mechanism. The system can be operated just pressing one button - also while on top of the truck or trailer.

All the most important features are integrated in the shelter. The amount of unintegrated object has been minimized.

The shelter is designed to be the fastest to deploy in today's standards. Deployment from the transport takes about 10 minutes with one operator.

Standard equipment includes heating, air cooling and air conditioning supplied with a heat recovery unit designed to fill the needs of ten people

M75i2 is CSC-inspected which helps international transport.


3:1 CSC-inspected expandable container with a hydraulic opening system.

M75i has a mechanical leveling system.

Ballistic protection and NBC-protection come as an option.


3:1 container with a 75 mm insulation and manual opening system.